Beaver organisations write to Academy in appreciation of Kieran Butt

The Academy received the following letter in praise of Kieran Butt:

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Scout, Kieran Butt, who attended the Beavers International Fun Day on Saturday 15th September 2018 at Watcombe Camp.  

Kieran kindly ran the Caving Base under supervision of an Assistant Beaver Scout Leader.  Not only did he check the equipment and help the Beavers with the equipment, he reassured them what to expect.  Kieran took the time to show them the map of the caving tunnels, where the escape routes were and that he would take them through the caving tunnels – which he duly did all day from 1015-1615 hours!  We lost count of how many times they went through with each group of Beavers.

I know from the feedback from my Beaver Scouts that some of them would not have ‘given it a go’ had Kieran not been there to help them.  Well Done Kieran and thank you so much for giving the younger Scouts an experience to remember.’

On behalf of the 6th Torbay Vanguard & Vigilant Colonies,  1st Marldon Beavers, 1st Brixham Beavers and 15th Torbay Beavers

“Well done to Kieran Butt who is becoming a fantastic leader through his work with the Scouts outside of school. You are a credit to the year group.”  Mr Scott, Head of Year 7


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