Barratt Homes Apprentice Vacancies

Barratt Developments PLC have launched their recruitment for their NEW cohort of Apprentices.

They are looking for:

  • 3 Bricklayers
  • 2 Carpenters
  • 1 Commercial (buying or surveying) apprentice
  • 1 Technical l (engineering or design) to join our Division.

The trade apprentices would be placed on their Berry Acres site in Paignton so this could be a great opportunity for our students.

Applications are through the online application system only – please see below.

Trade Apprenticeships

Trade Apprenticeships are delivered through a combination of on-site practical learning and college learning, through a residential programme with their partner colleges: Stephenson College in Coalville, Leicestershire and York College, York.  Successful candidates will attend 10 one-week blocks of training over 18 months, beginning with three consecutive residential weeks. Returning home each weekend with all accommodation, subsistence and travel paid.


Commercial & Technical Roles are based at our Exeter Office so would suit someone who drives.


Our apprentice programme is run in partnership with local colleges and is designed for those wishing to train in Technical (engineering or design) or Commercial (buying or surveying) areas. It mixes college study with practical on-the-job training with experienced industry specialists working towards a 2 year Advanced Construction Support Technician Apprenticeship Standard in England


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