Year 10’s Archie Cole who is studying art, recently went to an Art convention and has produced some incredible pictures. 

Archie said:

“I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and took it to the next level when I joined Paignton Academy, progressing even further and faster once I chose it as one of the three GCSE subjects that I will eventually be examined on next year.

I created these pieces at an art convention that I went to on the 4th November; where I was able to take part in workshops and use materials such as watercolour, chalk and much more that I am currently unable to buy myself.

If you are thinking of taking art for a GCSE, I recommend it wholeheartedly, seeing as it’s a great way to learn about the world and discover new perspectives, whilst developing and progressing your art skills.”

Well done Archie!

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