Academy welcomes Years 1 and 2 for a Tag Rugby Festival

The Academy was delighted to welcome 210 youngsters from seven of the local primary schools for a fun-filled afternoon of tag rugby.

The children took part in lots of different activities, which were designed to help them to develop the skills required to play tag rugby, as well as igniting a passion for the sport through making it fun.

The activities included a wide range of games and activities:

Rugby Moves: learning the key words and phrases associated with the game through energetic movement, teamwork and enjoyment.

Sharks & Fishes: A tag game that helped the children to make decisions in order to achieve success.  This included problem solving and awareness of others, plus how to tackle effectively.

Parachute: Teamwork was the focus of this activity, which also allowed the children to further develop their hand/eye coordination.

Danger Valley: This ‘run-the-gauntlet’ game challenged the children to use their peripheral vision to plot a successful route across the pitch, whilst dodging the frequent obstacles thrown in their way.

Obstacle Relay: The challenging course not only helped the children to develop agility, speed and dynamic balance, but they also experienced ‘scoring a try’ and working as a member of a team.

Kick it: Only the very best made it into the ‘Golden Zone’, but all of the children tasted success through the target and distance kicking challenge.

1v1 Zone: A more technical and tactical activity awaited the children as they explored ways to outwit and dodge an opponent.  They also learned ways of defending and tackling in this fast action individual challenge.

The Key Stage 3 leaders did a phenomenal job.  Following a training session after school earlier that week, the Sports Leaders took charge and ensured that the children had one of the best afternoons of the year!

Mr Julyan, Cluster Development Manager

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