The 6th Primary Sports Festival of the Spring Term took place this week, with 240 Year 5 & 6 children filling the Sports Hub at PCSA for a varied, fun and challenging afternoon.

The primary children were pushed physically and mentally to try and succeed across eight activities in the Outdoor Education Festival (indoors!).

They were challenged to demonstrate three key qualities: Teamwork, Creativity and Resilience, for which they were rewarded.
The activities included a code breaking treasure hunt using iPads and QR codes, sensory challenges, archery, problem solving tasks and  relays.  The children all acquitted themselves incredibly well and stayed focused throughout the afternoon.
The festival organiser, Mr Julyan, was impressed with the youngsters:
“Each year we try to challenge the children more and more.  This group were tremendous and should be really proud of their achievements today”.
“The sports leaders were fantastic and it was great to see how they improved their delivery with each of the schools.”
The next block of festivals include rounders and tennis, which begin after Easter on the 20th April.

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