Academy Closure Due To Covid-19 (Coronavirus) – FAQs

30th March 2020


What are the arrangements for Free School Meals?

Over the Easter holidays (30th March-13th April), those who are eligible for Free School Meals can collect packed lunches from either Curledge Street Academy or Foxhole Community Centre between 11.30am and 12.30pm. There will be 3 collection days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Mondays and Wednesdays, 2 lunches per child will be provided (please remember that lunch for the following day will need to be kept in the fridge). We ask that students or parents who are collecting a meal observe a strict distance of 2 metres from each other and do not congregate in groups of more than two people. 


Do I have to send my child to school if I am a key worker?  

No, the government has asked us to provide the option so Key Workers can continue to keep the country running, where possible children should stay at home.


My child is old enough to stay at home on their own, should they come in?

No, the government is advising huge social distancing and reducing contact, the school is only here to ensure Key Workers can keep the country operational.


Should I send my child to school if they or anyone in our house has symptoms? 

No, you must still follow government guidelines and if you or anyone in your household has symptoms and are isolating for 14 days your child cannot come in.


Can I pick and choose my days?

We have to coordinate staffing so we cannot allow students to pick and choose; however, if you let us know in advance which days and if they are full or half days, we can accommodate this.


My child is due to come in, but is ill, what should happen?

Your child would stay off, you would then follow the normal procedure of phoning in to the attendance team at Borough Road.


Do they need to wear uniform?

No, students will not need to wear uniform.


Will they have normal lessons and normal teachers?

No, we will be running with a skeleton staff.  Staff will be at home to look after dependents or because they are in a vulnerable group; some staff might be self-isolating. We are also trying to reduce large groups.  We are going to support students in completing the work that has been set.


Do both parents have to be key workers?

No, guidance states that only one parent needs to be a key worker.


What times are you operating?

We will certainly run our normal times, 8:30am – 3pm.  However, we want to do everything we can to support our Key Worker parents and society at this time.  Therefore, we can, if needed accommodate students from 8am to 5pm.


I still need guidance on online work, can my child come in?

We have supplied many email addresses, please contact us via those.  Reception is open at Borough Road.




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