7P3 English Have Gone Completely Pangolin Mad!

On Friday 29th June Paignton Zoo vet Christa van Wessem came in to talk to the class about the work that she has done with pangolins in Vietnam.
The students were absolutely enamoured and hung on to her every word – impressive considering it was a very hot and sticky period 5 on a Friday!
Christa spoke to the students about the time that she spent in Vietnam rescuing pangolins who had been victims of poaching as well as the importance of educating people to protect animals. She also discussed the huge range of careers that the students could pursue, whether in conservation or animal care, as well as the best ways to get in to these careers.
7P3 have shown so much independence in their pursuit of their new found interest in pangolins – Christa was very impressed by how knowledgeable they were about the creatures as well as how concerned they were about conservation issues.

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