Our celebration evenings recognise and celebrate the successes and achievements of our top performing students over the last twelve months.  Each member of staff nominates only two students per class for an Effort and an Achievement commendation. All those students who receive two or more commendations are invited to attend celebration evening and it is a perfect opportunity to recognise all those who have worked tirelessly throughout the year.  In addition to subject commendations, each year group has ten select winners of the prestigious awards.


Each year team hosted a fantastic evening with lots of proud smiling students who were joined by teachers, parents, family and friends.


Please see below for the winners and a few highlights from each year team:

Year 10

Pictured above is Lauren Ballinger collecting her Hayes Travel Award from a representative of Hayes Travel.  The Hayes Travel Performance Award was a new award introduced last year. The company have kindly donated 8 trophies for us to present to pupils in Years 7 – 10 to acknowledge success in their examinations this year. It takes a great deal of self-discipline, organisation and motivation to prepare for examinations. These pupils have been committed to revision, used guidance from their teachers and parents whilst having the determination to succeed.


Award Year 10
Hayes Travel Award Samuel Ripley
Hayes Travel Award Lauren Ballinger
Bay Education Trust Award Ben Hoare
Sportsman of the Year Max Dorothy
Sportswoman of the Year Rebecca House
Sports Team of the Year Ten Tors
Community Spirit Award Lucy Vardy
Jane English Endeavour Award  Cameron Williamson-Howell
Head of Year Award Leah Moore
Head of Year Award Samuel Williams



Year 9

Pictured above are George Woodcock, Brooke Coldwell and Cally Wilson who all won the Sportsperson of the Year Award.


Award Year 9
Hayes Travel Award Jordan Cripwell
Hayes Travel Award Courtney Sedgebeer-Hatton
Bay Education Trust Award Will Arthur
Sportsman of the Year George Woodcock
Sportswoman of the Year Brooke Coldwell/Cally Wilson
Sports Team of the Year Girls Netball
Community Spirit Award  Tamsin Rowe
Jane English Endeavour Award Chantel Parrish
Head of Year Award Ella Baxter
Head of Year Award Ryan McCaskill


Year 8 Celebration Evening

Pictured above is Chloe Huxter and Elliot Jennings who were presented the Head of Year award by CEO of the Bay Education Trust , Stephen Kings.


Award Year 8
Hayes Travel Award Sam Lamburn
Hayes Travel Award Hollie Mcleod
Bay Education Trust Award Enora Le Moal
Sportsman of the Year Oliver Groves
Sportswoman of the Year Maisie Moylan Jones
Sports Team of the Year Year 8 Football
Community Spirit Award Joe Ruocco
Jane English Endeavour Award Eli Young
Head of Year Award Chloe Huxter
Head of Year Award Elliot Jennings


Year 7

Pictured above is Katie Chivers who was presented with the BET Award by Stephen Kings, CEO of the Bay Education Trust. She was awarded this due to her extremely hard work this year which resulted in her being awarded 7 subject commendations!


Award Year 7
Hayes Travel Award Miles WHELBAND
Hayes Travel Award Megan HENDERSON
Bay Education Trust Award Katie CHIVERS
Sportsman of the Year Jack DOROTHY
Sportswoman of the Year Ocean LATTO
Sports Team of the Year Girls Football
Community Spirit Award Kayleigh BREWER
Jane English Endeavour Award Charlotte JONES
Head of Year Award Daniel YATES

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