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Year 7 Rugby – Wet, Wild and Windy…
12 Oct. 2017

Year 7 Rugby – Wet, Wild and Windy…

Year 7 Rugby Team set off for their second tournament of the year at KEVICCs. With the weather conditions deteriorating as we travelled to the venue, we all knew one thing…we were going to get soaked. During the tournament the boys played four games and in all of the games they decided to play against the conditions, never making things easy for ourselves. Throughout, the boys played some quality rugby with some inter linking play and some crunching tackles. Stand out in defence was Reuben Frampton, who would tackle anything coming his way. At the end the boys finished with the final results:

Won 1 (Churston 3 -1)

Drew 1 (Brixham 1-1)

Lost 2 (KEVICCs and TBGS)

Great preparation for the tournament after half term.

Mr Milliner

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