Teenage Information Centre – Teenage Advice Centre  (TIC TAC)

The Centre started in February 1998 and  has, over the years, received praise from OFSTED and The Government Select  Health Committee.  More recently TIC TAC has been awarded the ‘You’re Welcome’ accreditation.  This accreditation improves accessibility, acceptability and equality of services for young people.  The quality Criteria supports the implementation of standard 4 and 9 of the National Service Framework for children and young people.  It is an  initiative of getting it right for teenagers in your practice which is  supported by The Department for Education (DfE), Teenage Pregnancy Unit (TPU)  and The Department of Health (DH).

TIC TAC has Health Centres based on  both the Waterleat and Borough Road sites.  The two co-ordinators who run the service have  undertaken extensive training in order to provide a service which is  outstanding.

TIC TAC promotes a service that:

  • respects the dignity and self-worth of  each young person;
  • respects and values individual  differences;
  • recognise and are sensitive to the  growing autonomy of each young person;
  • respects every young person’s right to  be a voluntary participant in any helping process;
  • recognises the potential of each young  person.

TIC TAC works towards good outcomes for young people by  working with, and through, its members and other organisations.

TIC TAC has developed an approach which  works successfully with young people.

Tic Tac is open 5 days per week from  8.30 am to 3 pm.

What  is TIC TAC?

TIC TAC is a daily lunch time Health  Centre available to all College pupils and students and is a teacher-free zone:  it is staffed by Health Professionals and Youth Workers.  TIC TAC has a strict confidentiality code  within the limits of the law.  TIC TAC  provides up-to -date information and advice to all young people on a range of

Why  we have TIC TAC:

“The need to engage more effectively  with young people aged 12 – 17 years, living in the Paignton area”.  Young people find it difficult to visit their  GP because of the location of the surgery; the fear of information being passed  on; the fear of doctor and the fear of knowing someone in the waiting room.  Having the TIC TAC service on the school site  alleviates all of the above fears.

What we DO:

Professionals are available throughout  the week and throughout the term:

  • Structured group work is offered around social development.
  • TIC  TAC provides a safe, warm place for young people to talk to positive adults and professionals.
  • TIC  TAC provides education opportunities and new activities. TIC TAC is a link for  other specialists services within the Torbay.
  • The  staff empower young people to make informed choices and decisions.
  • TIC  TAC provides a confidential and safe environment acting within the safeguarding guidelines and working with the confines of the Law.
  • TIC  TAC offers a non-judgemental service. TIC TAC provides a service in partnership  with the school to fulfil the last Government’s ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda.

The staff who work within TIC TAC are  consistent and they provide a reliable service.

What we DON’T DO:

  • We  don’t judge young people.
  • We  don’t tell young people what to do, but encourage them to make the right
  • We  will not pass information on unless we have significant concerns about a young person’s welfare.

For information on who works where and on what days please see below:

Borough Road Centre
Monday Mannie Austin GP and Sarah Reed, Tic Tac Co-ordinator
Tuesday Natalie Duffen, School Nurse and Sarah Reed
Wednesday Contraception and Sexual Health Nurse and Sarah Reed
Thursday Sarah Reed
Friday Sarah Reed
Borough Road Social Area
Mondays: Year 10
Tuesdays: Year 11
Wednesdays: Open to all
Thursdays: Young Men
Fridays: Young Women
Waterleat Road Centre
Monday Youth Worker and Marie Atwell,  Tic Tac Co-ordinator
Tuesday Sexual Health  Outreach Team member and Marie Atwell
Wednesday Marie Atwell
Thursday Natalie Duffen, School Nurse and Marie Atwell
Friday Emma Harris, Youth Worker and Marie Atwell
Waterleat Road: Chill Out Room
Mondays: Year 7
Tuesdays: Boys only
Wednesdays: Year 9
Thursdays: Year 8
Fridays: Young Women’s Group Work


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