Learning Resources

The VLC section is under development.

Library Service

‘At the Heart of the College’

Opening Hours: Waterleat Road 8.00am – 4.00pm

Paignton Community & Sports College has a busy, & vibrant library.  We are immensely proud of the library and consider ourselves to be fortunate to be ‘at the heart of the College’.

It offers vast learning resources to support all members of the school in every aspect of the curriculum and the library becomes an integral part of our student’s lives in their journey through the College. We embrace modern technology, firmly believing in the huge advantage to our students for the internet to be placed alongside books, to aid their research.

Many events take place in the library such as charity fund raising, displays of students work, quizzes and competitions, book promotions and careers presentations. They add to the pastoral support we provide, and to the ambiance that helps us stay ‘at the heart of the college’. Of course we offer the more traditional role of books (over 12000 in total between sites); you still can’t beat a good read.

The library is used for both educational and pastoral events, but can also provide a safe harbour on occasions if a student feels the need.

The  library at Waterleat Road Centre

Officially opened in February 2005 by the author Michael Morpurgo, the current Children’s Laureate at the time.

We open to students term-time only from 8am – 4pm daily. It’s well used for research, homework, PC’s and sometimes just a quiet read.

You may check our stock of books online, by clicking on the Eclipse Logo Below:

The Virtual Learning Centre (VLC)

The Virtual Learning Centre opened at the start of 2012: it houses 70 computers in a ‘Google Office’ inspired environment.
The VLC is open from 8.00 am until 4.00 pm daily and can be used for a range of learning activities.
 The centre has the capacity for video conferencing and there is a more relaxed area of bean bags for some lessons to take place.