19th July:Celebration Evening for Year 8
24th August: GCSE Results Day
17th August: A Level Results Day
26th July: Last Day of Term
18th July:Celebration Evening for Year 7
5th September: First Day of Term for Students
21st – 23rd July: DoE Silver Expedition

Local Advisory Group

The Academy has a Local Advisory Group.  The Local Advisory Group (LAG) is given areas of responsibility by the Bay Education Trust Board who are responsible for the governance of the Academy.  The role of the LAG is to monitor the work taking place in the Academy.

An example of this is to check that the policies and procedures for safeguarding children are not only in place but are effective.  The Local Advisory Group members responsible for safeguarding report to the Bay Education Trust Director who holds the portfolio for safeguarding and the Board Director is responsible for safeguarding across all three academies.

The Local Advisory Group members are:

Name Area of Responsibility
Debbie Hutton-HandsChairTeaching and Learning
Performance and Standards
Tracey LittVice-ChairTeaching and Learning
Performance and Standards
Cilla WilsonSafeguarding
Jane ThompsonSafeguarding
Jo FlorenceDisadvantaged Pupils
Ros RymanBehaviour and Attendance
Laura HaySites, Buildings, Health and Safety
Kate ParsonsClerk