Here at the College we are dedicated to providing a safe environment for our pupils whenever they are online.  We use the South West Grid for Learning’s powerful filtering system in the College, and we teach pupils about health and safety issues when using the Internet in Assemblies, Tutor time and in ICT classes.

The Governing Body of College has formulated a number of Policy documents which will help ensure that all our users are kept as safe as possible: please click on the links below if you wish to read the Policies:

ICTC1 -Use of Networking Sites

ICTC2 – Staff-Governor Acceptable Use Policy

ICTC3 – Student Acceptable Use Policy

ICTC4 – E-safety Policy

ICTC5 – Mobile Telephone Policy

ICTC6 – Password Security Policy

ICTC7 – Filtering Policy


We all know the power of the Internet, and how it provides a rich resource for learning, but sadly there are harmful sites too.

Below are some useful links to help you keep safe on the Internet.  The CEOP Report button, below, is featured on our home page and is a link that takes you straight into a national police reporting system.  This facility can now be installed on your Facebook pages too by adding this ‘App’ to your site.  See your Facebook account for further details.


These links will give you additional information on safe internet use.





For further information on e-safety, contact Mr Andrew Thomas, Assistant Principal, Mr Mark Williams, Assistant Principal or Mrs Christine Atkey, VLE and E-Learning Co-ordinator.