25th March: Duke of Edinburgh Silver Training
18th April: First Day of Summer Term
31st March: Last Day of Spring Term
31st March – 2nd June: Duke of Edinburgh Silver Training

Bay Education Trust (BET)

Paignton Community and Sports Academy (PCSA) is part of the Multi Academy Trust known as Bay Education Trust (BET), formed in December 2014.

There are currently three academies in the Trust. The other two academies are Kings Ash Academy and Curledge Street Academy, both of which cater for nursery and primary age pupils.

The academies are all situated in Paignton and are within walking distance of each other.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Trust is Jane English, who is also the Principal of PCSA.

The governance of each of the academies is undertaken by the Bay Education Trust Board, but each academy has a Local Advisory Group (LAG). The BET Board allocates areas of responsibility to each of the Local Advisory Groups.

For further information on the Bay Education Trust, please click below to visit the BET website.

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